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"...feels like a Rufus Wainwright and a Jeff Buckley with the smallest touch of twang and the piano work to match"

Michelle Kicherer - The Deli SF


I was born and raised in the arts scene in San Francisco. I was drawn to music. I loved Chopin and Coltrane and the Beatles and hip hop. As soon as I could, I started writing songs. Everyone told me I couldn’t sing and just to play piano. And I was pretty good at piano. I eventually went to music school in New York for it.


After a few years there my mind wandered and I found myself on tour in San Francisco dating a long time high school crush... I liked piano but my heart was in the songs. I dragged myself back to school but my sublet abruptly ended. I couch surfed for the whole semester. I was inspired, lovestruck, pretty tired and wanted a place to lay my head down. So I went on a short free trip to Israel. I met a vocal coach and tried a lesson. It was incredible. I decided to stay there and study with Nissim, hoping to turn my voice into SOMETHING. I quit music school.

In the land of Canaan I hung out with EVERYBODY. Israelis, Palestinians, Bedoin, Druze, Religious and Secular. Music is for everybody. At the time I was pretty religious. I'm not anymore. When I was first in Israel had wanted to become a Rabbi. I wanted to speak about civil rights for Palestinians to the Jewish community. But religion wasn't for me.


In a couple years, my voice had transformed. I did a couple shows in Jerusalem and response was amazing. But was I too late to the party? I needed to find out.


I had been travelling. a few trips to France, Ukraine and India, as I left organized religion. I began recording music, but options were limited. I needed to spread my wings and head back to Cali to make a go of it. I love life, freedom, girlsand music. It was time to make it happen.  


I came back to the Bay Area and it was great to be back to the modern world! I recorded two songs that really represent me: "Grieving Friend of a Superman and "Then Again."


I've got a sound and something big to give, and I thank you for being a part of it.







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